just cried so hard i was nearly sick

i miss you so much

i have a lot of regrets in life

this one is by far the biggest

“I can’t make you miss me.
I can’t make you think about me.
I can’t make you feel anything anymore.
And I’m sorry.
I am so sorry for everything that I have done.
And I’m sorry that I make myself miss you
and I’m sorry that I make myself think about you
because in all honesty I just want you to come back and melt the ice in my heart that formed when you left.”
— sitting with my family while losing it mentally.  (via modifyy)
“I haven’t had a good dream in a long time.
I miss you and I wish I still had a reason to have you on my mind.
I don’t, but you won’t leave my head alone.
The memories force themselves upon me, and my heart doesn’t know how to let go.”
Kayla Kathawa - tonight’s journal includes numb thoughts (via ninakathawa)
Honey Bee


"I don’t even want you back
No, I would never want to risk something like that
'Cause I lost faith in myself
When I turned away from the one
With the longest stretch of embracing arms to hold me

So now I’m all alone
I guess God grew too tired to fix the mistakes he made with love
I think his biggest mistake was making me

I think that you deserve some form of apology
So here I am, at the end
I’m sorry”


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